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We will be working with ProAnnounce, LLC that will help handle the sound, music, and emcee services for this competition. Please know that we are here to answer any questions that you may have regarding the services mentioned above. Please follow the instructions below to properly submit your music. If you need to give specific instructions in regards to your music please see the comment box to the right of this page that allows you to either type or voice record your messages effortlessly and seamlessly! We have removed the rights to delete or replace your music files on our website and therefore you will only have the options to upload, preview, download, and see your music files. If you wish to have a music file removed then please click on the links found below. You may also email ProAnnounce LLC @ with these and other updates if necessary!


Music Submission Deadline


February 8th

@ Midnight!


Step 1


Please Read...

The most important part of turning in your music is making sure we can identify which routine each piece of music is meant for, this is where your help is needed. While using Dropbox secure file sharing as the form of music submissions please make sure the song you are uploading is labeled with as much info that you can provide.

Label Your Music

Studio Name

Names of the soloist, duets, etc.

Routine Name

Performance Category

Ability Level


Step 2


Step 3

Music Submission Guidelines

Please Read...

  • Please have all your music turned in by the deadline.

  • Please have some sort of audio file back up.

  • The following audio formats are accepted (.wav, .mp3, .mp4).

  • We will have the capabilities of either slowing or speeding up your music if necessary.

  • Please inform us of any cancellations as soon as you are made aware of them.  All cancellations need to go through the Competition Director.

  • Please be on the lookout for any emails regarding your music up to 24 hours prior to the competition.

  • Submitting your music does not register you for the competition. You must register for this competition with the Director.

  • There will be a time slot before the competition where we will perform music checks, after the allotted time is over there will be no more music check-ins.

Step 4

Uploading Your Music


Manage Your Music

Step 5


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