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About ProAnnounce

ProAnnounce as a company is known for its professionalism in the industry as well as its wide variety of services. If you have an event, we at ProAnnounce, are willing to do everything in our power to see to it that every need of your event is met. We also have years of experience to back us up on how to perform at each event to meet everyone's needs. What can we say... we all love what we do and it shows!


Today ProAnnounce is highly experienced with years of announcing for Dance Competitions, Drill Competitions, Cheer Competitions, Corporate Events, School Events, & everything in between. Our Announcers are highly sought out for their professional quality of work that we put in for every event. We are known for the great professional training that our Announcers and MCs go through, which is why we are also known for the great care we take with clients and employees alike!

About - Jesse Scott

Announcer/Emcee & Owner of ProAnnounce, LLC & Boogy Entertainment, LLC


Jesse Scott is a 5 Star Rated Announcer/DJ who received his nickname when, very early on in his life, it was evident that he loved to boogie. His passion for music and dancing was so strong, that he wanted everyone to feel it, so he created ProAnnounce & Boogy Entertainment. Through both companies he is able to bring the excitement of music and dancing to many lives in numerous and different capacities. Whether it be a large group dance, a company party, a wedding, or even a professional MC at a dance competition, you name it, he is there to bring the life, boogie and passion to your special event. When it comes to Dance Competitions Jesse is no stranger to helping run the show as he fully understands that there is a certain flow to maintain and etiquette to uphold in treating all in attendance with the utmost respect. He cares about this business and in essence wants every dancer, coach, director to feel that by taking care of everyone's hopes and desires to run their competition flawlessly. He has followed Drill Competitions for over 20 years and understands the competition and sport that is involved with all things dance and drill plus he is still kind of upset that they got rid of Novelty. ;) 


About - Carver Nicholas


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Carver Nicholas is from Bountiful, Utah and is currently graduating from Weber State University with a degree in Communications with an emphasis in Digital Media. Carver originally wanted to be a screenplay writer but fell in love with radio and all things digital! Some of his strongest qualities are creativity and confidence, which are of course necessary skills for being a quality announcer. He has been announcing for a little over a year now, but his public speaking experience has been much longer than that. He loves the energy that comes from announcing. When things go wrong during announcing, the main key is to keep a cool head. Things can get resolved, but panicking wont do anything for you! He wants to be an announcer because he loves working with people and he loves the atmosphere of working with sound equipment and people! Especially with dance competitions, the music, the energy, the dancing all combine to make a great event and a great job. Announcing is a rare opportunity that he absolutely loves doing. Carver has worked in podcasting, he has spoken twice for the Ogden City Council, and he has even judged the Speech Showcase at Weber State University.


About - Treavor Wills


Treavor is proud to call the Western United States his home as he has lived in Arizona, Idaho and Utah and has spent a considerable amount of time in Oregon, California and Alaska. He, his wife, and their 2-year-old daughter have settled in Utah to pursue further education while enjoying the perks of living in such a diverse state with regards to outdoor recreation. He is one who takes pride in his work and is always happy to share his excitement for music and dance through announcing and participating in dance competitions. 

When Treavor is not behind a mic you'll find him on a bicycle cruising the city, dancing around the yard with his toddler or energetically persuading others that pineapple does, in fact, belong on pizza! Treavor always strives to be a voice for good and to spread joy in all situations. He has worked as a landscaper, a furniture deliver boy, a pizza maker, a math tutor (Yay, Math!), a medical billing specialist and an announcer. His interests are as diverse as his employment history because at the end of the day he loves going home to his family and seeing them succeed!